Please note that some snacks in this pack are past its expiration date

This explosion is box of pure joy featuring savory and sweet treats from Japan. Enjoy while watching movies (perhaps the complete Godfather trilogy), binging on the latest Netflix series, or playing drinking games with your buddies in the living room.

Each box includes:

1 box Glico Pretz Pizza
1 box Glico Pocky Crunchy Strawberry
1 bag Kasugai Sumiyaki Coffee Candy
1 bag Calbee Jagarico Sukiyaki
1 bag Bourbon Chocolatey Tree Stump

1 bag Glico Caplico No Atama Milk
1 box Bourbon Elise Cookies
1 bag Gudetama Salted Egg Yolk Potato Chips
1 box Popin Cookin Hamburger
1 box Bing Bing Choco Cone


  • 10 assorted Japanese sweets, snacks + candies
  • Packaged in a white gift box with gold Umami Mart seal