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Summer Shochu or Natsu Shochu is a seasonal production trend in Japan where distillers get to put out lighter, more refreshing expressions of their standard house brands -  sometimes they're made using special seasonal ingredients, different koji or distillation types, or they're bottled at a lower ABV for something extra light on the palate. And more often than not, they come in light blue bottles with fun, summery labels! See photos below from Osaka's Shochu Ippo and Shiragikuya. 

The best thing about Natsu shochu is how well they drink with lots of bubbles! We are big proponents of sodawari (shochu highball) at the shop and at our bar, so we're happy to offer you two fantastic shochus for this very purpose. Club soda has great, tight bubbles that cut beautifully through the shochu for wide open flavor profiles and, thus, maximum enjoyment - we recommend Fever Tree or Topo Chico.

Pick up a highball glass while you're at it, and get to beating that heat! 

Asahi Mannen "Natsu no Mannen" Sweet Potato Shochu

Known affectionately around here as "the penguin one," this is the very first Natsu Shochu to ever be exported to the U.S. Isn't that exciting? Natsu no Mannen is made using estate-grown Daichi no Yume potatoes and black koji on Miyazaki-grown Natsu no Emi rice. Bottled at 20% ABV down from the usual 25%, UPDATE AFTER TASTING this shochu has clear and clean mineral sweetness reminiscent of maple-brown sugar, frosting, and blueberries. The finish is dry and crisp, washing away the Summer blues and refreshing the palate for an eager second sip. 

Nami Hana Batch #22 Sweet Potato Shochu

This spectacular rendition of Nami Hana is toji Ken Hirata-san's brightest and boldest. On the nose we get red fruit, raspberry, and burnt sugar and the palate is young coconut and Bubble Yum with a grassy finish. Enjoy on the rocks or with a pint glass full of soda for a refreshing tipple.

    Summer Shochu Soda Pack Features:

    • 1 - Nami Hana Batch 22 Sweet Potato Shochu (Hale'iwa, Oahu, 30% ABV, BTL 750 ml)
    • 1 - Natsu no Mannen Sweet Potato Shochu (Miyazaki, Japan 20% ABV, BTL 720 ml)
    Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to ND, SD, NH, UT, MI, MS, KY, AK.