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Notes of watermelon saltwater taffy, caramel and malt. Vanilla, lemon and spice compliment the watermelon candy on the palate. Its light yet textured and assertive without harshness. This dram will compliment your glass whether or not it's filled with ice, soda, or just the golden liquid itself.

Blend of Single Malt barley whisky and high grade Sake rice whisky. Both produced/distilled and aged at 1 of the 2 distilleries owned and operated by Kiuchi.
Kiuchi is using the sake rice powder extracted from its sake rice polishing machines. For KOME they use rice powder that is the result of a polishing rate of over 50% coming mostly from the famous Yamada Nishiki Rice.
They then incorporate Amylase from their own barley malt wort to convert the rice starch into fermentable sugars (since Koji is not allowed to be a part of Japanese Whisky). The resulting distillate is aged for over three years in Bourbon barrels. It imparts very light, fruity, acidic flavors like sake. It will be 80% of the final blend for KOME.
The second distillate is 100% barley malt, and is aged for over 3 years in Bourbon barrels. It imparts malty, vanilla flavors/aromas. It is 20% of the final blend


  • Distilled in Ibaraki, Japan byΒ Kiuchi Shuzo
  • Distilled from Malted Barley and Rice powder
  • ABV: 48%
  • Age: 3 years
  • 22 fl oz (700ml)
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