Sake and Shochu Gumi

Peat lovers rejoice, for we have come offering the drams of your dreams full of bbq pit, fiery, glass-guzzling, tobacco briny goodness. These Whiskies pack a punch and keep on kicking, lasting long with each sip. Let the warmth of these world-class whiskies soothe you this season.

Nikka Yoichi Single Malt Whisky

If you enjoy a peaty whisky, this bottle is for you. Aged in sherry and bourbon barrels, Yoichi Single Malt is a bright expression of its terroir, with notes of pine, cherry, salt, and cooked meat. The distillery is located along the coast, creating the whisky’s signature brininess, similar to whiskies of the Islay.Β 

Tsunuki Peated Single Malt Whisky

A beauty for smoky scotch drinkers sporting deep bacon, dark chocolate, and iodine on the nose. Pleasant brine and wood ash compliment celery and black pepper, with the iodine and slight salinity staying to play on a long finish.