Umami Mart Registry

Located near the pure water source of the Kuma River in Kumamoto prefecture, Ohishi Distillery has been in operation since 1872. Ohishi Single Sherry Cask Whisky is distilled from rice and is matured fully in fresh sherry casks for eight years.

Each cask is hand selected by the master distiller Oishi-san, who juxtaposes the beauty of light and dark by presenting a soft silky texture alongside the bold sherry influence of the cask. We get notes of vanilla, koji, and chocolate on the nose with aged fruits like raisins, dates, nuts, and umami on the palate ending in a satisfyingly spicy finish.


  • Distilled and bottled in Kumamoto, Japan by Ohishi Distillery
  • Distilled from: Rice
  • ABV 42.3%
  • Barrels: Ex-Sherry, First fill
  • Aged: 8 years
  • 25 fl oz (750 ml)