Sake and Shochu Gumi

Save $12 on this three-pack of shochu plus Umami Mart original pin!

Jilted, bitter, and misanthropic? Indifferent? 

We're with you. Don't be imo! 

Whether you're wallowing, whining, wailing, or wiggling, let these shochus meet you there. We've selected three imo (sweet potato) shochus never before stocked at Umami Mart. We're pumped to share them with you! These selections run the gambit from cool and classy to bold and brash, showcasing the breadth and diversity of 芋焼酎 (imojochu- sweet potato shochu), Japan's most popular style.

Times are interesting, and passions are at an all-time high. We encourage you to lean into it, take care of #1! Just don't be so imo! These fierce flavors will give you something to cry (tears of joy) about.

Kuro-Koji Asahi Mannen "10,000 Years" Sweet Potato Shochu by Watanabe Distillery

Our shopkeeper, De'Andre, dubbed this shochu "liquid smoke," and we couldn't agree more. Koganesengan sweet potatoes, estate grown at Watanabe Distillery and 100% spontaneous fermentation lend the unmistakeable character of white pepper, black licorice, and black currant to this devious and delectable drink. This also presents black koji laid bare before you: get powdered sugar, charcoal minerality, and sumptuous umami on the finish. Despite all of the complexity and attitude, this shochu finishes clean, making one eager to lap up more. Enjoy this on the rocks, or oyuwari (over hot water).

Koganesengen potatoes in slideshow, photo by Watanabe Distillery.

Toji Junpei Sweet Potato Shochu by Kodama Distillery

Beni imo (red sweet potato) create an almost-neon fuchsia mash in the second fermentation of this shochu, bubbling bright as the yeast, koji, and potato do the deed before the trademark single pot-distillation. The profile is rustic and spicy. We get hickory, black pepper, fresh cream and doughnut on the nose while the palate offers earthy black coffee and a touch of aromatic eucalyptus, all while being surprisingly light. This would be an excellent mizuwari (mixed with ice and water) or rocks pick, or you can enhance its sarsaparilla-like quality by drinking it with soda water.

Photo in slideshow of beni imo shochu moromi by Kirishimacho Jyoryusho

Satoh Kuro Sweet Potato Shochu by Satoh Distillery

The star of the show! The Satoh brand is synonymous with indulgence. Luxuriate in this premium brand of one of Kagoshima's finest in Satsuma Shochu. Another black koji expression, Satoh Kuro is deep, rich, and a little wild. We get lychee, dark chocolate, reishi mushroom, and angel food cake on the nose, while the bodacious palate gives cascading ripples of vanilla bean frosting, maple, cake batter, and a note of chicory at the end. You can contemplate over Satoh straight in a snifter, or try it oyuwari (over hot water) for simply sensuous slurping. This is Love Potion #9 in a big bottle.   

Photo in slideshow of a shochu moromi (mash) using black koji, from our visit to Kagoshima distilleries.


There you have it – three heavy hitting imo shochus to bring some spice and next-level flavors to your late-winter routine and prepare you spiritually and mentally for a new year full of mind-bending Shochu Gumi drops. If you love shochu and you find this pack well-curated for you, consider joining our shochu club! Shochu director Kayoko works tirelessly to get the newest and best offerings for our members, many of which are previously unavailable or rare to find in the U.S. We are 70 members and growing strong. See you over there!

Don't Be Imo Three Pack Features:

  • 1 - Satoh Kuro Sweet Potato Shochu (25oz, Kagoshima, 25% ALC/VOL)
  • 1 - Toji Junpei Sweet Potato Shochu (25oz, Miyazaki, 25% ALC/VOL)
  • 1 - Asahi Mannen "10,000 Years" Sweet Potato Shochu (25oz, Miyazaki 25% ALC/VOL)
  • 1 Umami Mart Sweet Potato pin
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