Last Days to Ship

Higo No Kami refers to the Lord of Higo (present day Kyushu) and is a term created in the late 19th Century to describe this type of switchblade – the chikiri (lever) helps open and close the blade while preventing it from folding when in use.

The blade is made in a warikomi style, a process where a softer steel is sandwiched between harder steel. The softer steel makes for a sharper edge, while the harder steel makes the blade stronger.                        

Nagao Seisakusho is the original manufacturer of this knife, and is the only entity legally allowed to use the term Higo No Kami so accept no imitations!


  • Dimensions: 7"L (3"L blade, 4"L handle)
  • Material: Warikomi carbon steel blade, iron handle
  • Made in Japan