Sake and Shochu Gumi

This handmade ceramic server will give you a chance to integrate traditional design, serving styles, and new flavor-takes into your at-home shochu rituals. Haiyu refers to the ash glaze, for this unique server made of Shigaraki yaki porcelain.

Next time you stock up on a few extra bottles of your all-time favorite, squirrel a couple away into your server to give the shochu some solitude while it awaits consumption. Unlike glass or enamel, unglazed ceramic is porous, so it breathes in and out, gradually mellowing and refining your shochu.  

It's fun to pick a bottle you're familiar with to see how the flavors change with a little ceramic aging (Kiroku, Kozuru Kuro, and Taragawa Awamori are some faves of ours we've tried with success). This server fits an entire isshobin (1.8L bottle) so go wild!

In this server, you can also add water to your shochu for maewari (diluting and aging). Pick your favorite ratio (we like 6 parts shochu to 4 parts water), set it and forget it. After no more than a few days, your shochu will take on a new texture, integrating highs and lows into a smooth, luxurious sipper. We have found maewari doesn't need as much intervention when serving; try sipping your maewari straight out of your favorite tumbler, sake, or wine glass. You can also heat it up directly like you would kanzake (hot sake) instead of oyuwari for a rich, smooth, and comforting drink.  

Care Instructions:

    Rinse thoroughly with cold or hot water before use, allowing the server to air-dry completely. No need to rinse in between uses if you are using the same shochu. If switching to a new type however, rinse the server well with hot or cold water and dry first.

    When storing shochu or any liquid, please use the ceramic lid and not the cork. The cork will degrade over time if it sits in liquid. Instead, use the cork when storing your shochu server with nothing in it. If you are going to store it for a long period of time, be sure to rinse well and allow the server to dry completely to prevent bacteria growth in storage. Take extra care when placing the server in your home, as impact of any kind will damage the server. 


    • Capacity: 84 oz
    • Dimensions: Server 9.25"D x 9"H x 7"W; Wood Stand 9.25"D x 10"H (with handle) x 9.25"W 
    • Materials:
      Server - Ash glazed Shigaraki porcelain
      Wooden stand - Yakisugi (roasted cedar)
      Cork top - Cork, foil
    • Made in Japan