Introducing the Glanz (グランツ) Double-Walled Stainless Steel Tumbler series from Yukiwa – the hammered diamond-patterned base and mirror finish look like they were zapped out of a luxury hotel bar from the future, and taken from the chrome-fantasy sketchbook of a 1950's mad drink scientist's workshop.

Yukiwa boasts the versatility of this series, offering them as ideal cups for beer, iced, and hot drinks; they cite a high level of insulation, resulting in tighter, creamy foam when drinking beer or carbonated drinks, and keeping hot drinks hot for longer. They claim to show you new flavors in your favorite drinks that you might not otherwise pick up in other vessels. You'll have to see for yourself but likely, you will not be disappointed.

The Old Fashioned Tumbler is perfect for rocks or neat pours of your favorite spirits or sake - this tumbler is big enough for a nice big ice sphere to accompany your Old Fashioned or Godfather. You can also treat yourself to polite scoops of ice cream out of this with a matching Yukiwa Ice Cream Baller. Your stainless steel setup is sure to be the talk of the town.

These tumblers will delight the enthusiast in your life who appreciates the trifecta of style, durability, and functionality these vessels will bring to their beverage pursuits. These have the form-factor and polish to be shown off as single accent-pieces to surprise guests as well as the toughness and heft to make for a sturdy, everyday drinking companion.


  • Capacity: 8.11 oz
  • Dimensions: 3.2" H x 3.5" W x 3.5" L
  • Material: Stainless steel 
  • Made in Japan by