Gumi Gift

As seen in hotel rooms all over Japan!

These pop-out drip filter packs are a delight, clocking somewhere in the middle on the scale from instant coffee to pourover. Simple to use and easy to clean up, the Drip On pack helps to eliminate the trickier variables involved in brewing delicious coffee, while still providing the freshness of a slowly dripped pourover. 

Once you've assembled the drip pack, just slowly add hot water to the grounds in slow, 10 second pours, until you've added about 6 ounces of water. 

The Key Coffee site wants to give you a chance to interface with "Triple Aroma Enjoyment"

 "Enjoy the robust aroma of DRIP ON in three delicious stages: as you open the packet, when you awaken the coffee with hot water, and when—at last—you savor each sip."

Perfect for the office, out camping, or for a lazy Sunday morning.


  • Net Wt: 40 g
  • Packing: 5 cardboard and paper filter packs in a cardboard box
  • Made in Japan