Father's Day June 18

We've died and gone to shochu heaven! We've finally gotten our hands on the first isshobin (1.8L bottle) bottling of shochu to grace our shores. Previously only available for sake, these large bottle formats contain 2.5 standard bottles worth of shochu and are perfect for keeping around for entertaining, sharing with large groups, or just to have a trusty bottle of shochu around you don't have to worry about checking the levels on so often.   

The nose on this shochu is an enticing bouquet of chamomile, pear, yamaimo (slick white mountain yam) and salt. The palate gives context to these aromas, supporting and amplifying. Thick and layered, this genshu (undiluted) shochu has rich notes of walnut, salted dark chocolate, maple pancake, and sweet cream butter.

The higher ABV gives extra spice, reminiscent of ancho chilies with the unmistakeable finish of mango. This is a real delight, engaging, complex, and highly sessionable. We recommend this shochu served in all styles, on the rocks, mizuwari (ice and water), oyuwari (cut with hot water), and piled high with ice and club soda. You may actually need to get this one. 

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The Tenguzakura brand from Kagoshima's Shiraishi Shuzo focuses on organic, often estate-grown (or grown nearby the distillery) sweet potatoes and terroir-driven fermentations.  


  • Distilled in Kagoshima, Japan by Shiraishi Shuzo
  • Distilled from Ikenohara koganesengan imo (sweet potato) and kome koji (rice koji)
  • ABV 35% / Koji: white (sweet potato) / Distillation: atmospheric
  • 61 oz (1800 ml)  
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to SD, UT, MS, AL, VT, KY.