Father's Day

We are ready for pool parties, barbecues, and picnics with family and friends! Bring along this box of pure joy featuring savory and sweet treats from Japan. Or enjoy these on the couch, one-by-one, all for yourself. This also makes a great gift for recent grads!

Each box features:

1 bag Milky Candy
1 box Glico Pocky Tasty
1 bag Bourbon Fettucine Cola
1 cup Bourbon Jaga Choco Chip
1 bag Bourbon Lumonede Cookie
1 bag Glico Caplico No Atama Ichigo
1 bag Iwamoto Rabbit Tamago Boro
1 bar Meiji Milk Chocolate
1 bag Wakabato Kani Chips
1 bag Amanoya Kobashi Shoyu No Okoge Senbei
1 bag Calbee My Pote Onion Soup Flavor Chips
1 bag Calbee Pizza Potato Chips
1 box Popin Cookin Hamburger
1 bag Bourbon Petit Ebi Senbei


  • 14 assorted Japanese sweets, snacks + candies
  • Packaged in a white gift box with gold Umami Mart seal