Father's Day Gift Guide

Slice sashimi and meats like a professional chef with this yanagi knife, made by world-renowned knife-maker Masamoto. Its long shape enables chefs to cut one long stroke to slicing fish and meats, instead of back and forth.

This knife is made by hand-forging high carbon steel with iron. The result is a knife that is easy to sharpen and cuts through fish and meat like butter.

There have been many serious chefs and professionals who prefer the carbon steel blade. Why? Because of its excellent sharpness, edge retention and ease of re-sharpening. 

One main caveat is that the carbon steel blade discolors easily and must never be left wet. 


  • Dimensions: 10.25"L
  • Material: High carbon steel blade, gyokuhaku-ko (white steel); Japanese magnolia handle; Water buffalo horn bolster
  • Made in Japan