Sake Gumi

This glaze is so flavorful that it's hard to believe it is made with 100% black garlic - meaning no other additives. With deep notes of fig, raisin, molasses, and fermented garlic, this glaze is ideal to add to sauces and marinades. Try Yoko's recipe for Black Garlic Glazed Sweet Potatoes!

Aomori, Japan, where this glaze is made, is rich in garlic production. Black garlic in particular has been proven to be helpful in the aid of Alzheimer and Dementia. For this 100% Black Garlic Glaze, the garlic is fermented for 28 days, then peeled and pureed. Once it is pureed to a smooth consistency, it is placed in a vacuum reducer, essentially removing the water content slowly and making it a syrup-like consistency.


  • Capacity: 8.45 oz
  • Material: Glass bottle with aluminum lid and rubber cork
  • Made in Aomori, Japan