Mother's Day

Have the Dark Lord supervise your evening festivities. Made with akaimo (red sweet potato) and white koji, Inoue Shuzo produces a shochu that's sultry, smooth, and endlessly easy to drink. This shochu can be enjoyed straight-up, with notes of flan, walnuts, and a long, creamy finish. Add a touch of water and ice to mellow it out if you're enjoying it with food.  


  • Distilled from 83% sweet potato and 17% rice
  • Koji: White
  • Distilled in Miyazaki, Japan by Inoue Shuzo
  • 25.3 fl oz (750ml)
  • 24% ALC/VOL
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to SD, UT, MS, AL, VT, KY.