Father's Day June 18

Akkeshi’s Single Malt Seimei is the seventh entry in their “24 Seki Series” of whiskies that represent Japan’s 24 seasons. Seimei is the time when winter begins to fade and nature that has been dormant during the coldest months begins to stir. The label is decorated with swallows to represent their return from warmer southern climates during harsh winters.

This whisky has distinctive notes of Honey baked ham, beef jerky, licorice, and caramel fudge on a long finish that goes on for minutes at a time.


  • Distilled in Hokkaido, Japan by Akkeshi Distillery
  • Distilled from local malted barley and peat
  • ABV 55%
  • Barrels: Ex-bourbon, sherry, red wine, local Mizunara
  • Peat: Lightly
  • Age: N/A
  • Production limited: 492 bottles
  • 23.7 fl oz (700 ml)