Father's Day

For the sake industry, the corona virus meant a lot of surplus sake rice crop because demand for sake had dropped drastically. The sake rice to be used in 2020 was already planted in 2019 and the rice farmers were left in a predicament – lots of succulent Yamada Nishiki, with no sake to be made. 

Rather than waste the harvest, breweries like Asahi Shuzo (who makes the famed Dassai line of sakes) decided to package and sell the sake rice that was supposed to be used for sake-making, as rice that can be cooked 

This package contains 450g of rice or the equivalent of a harvest from 1m² (roughly 15-20 stalks) and the date stamped on the package is the date of harvest.

Sake rice is firmer and less sticky than the short grain Japanese rice that we are used to. Therefore, the brewery recommends using this rice for risotto and fried rice dishes.

Check out the corn rice recipe we adapted that was recommended by Dassai here.


  • Ingredients: Yamada Nishiki rice
  • 450g
  • Material: rice in plastic bag
  • Made in Yamagata, Japan