Sake Gumi

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The seed for the idea to start Den Sake Brewery in Oakland, CA was planted in 2015, when Yoshi Sako started to theorize on how he could make sake himself. A bartender and accomplished sake sommelier for years, Sako stated that, "[... in order] to complete my desire to know more about sake, I knew I had to get fully into it – that meant brewing it, not just drinking it."

Even with all the limitations he faces as a brewer in the United States, Sako's sake exhibits the delicate and refined qualities that you would find in a Japanese sake. His attention to detail and skilled use of koji and yeast yields sakes that can be enjoyed cup after cup, balancing fresh fruitiness, acidity, and umami – all with a clean crisp ending.

Den Sake Brewery's current batch, Batch #5, has strawberry and melon aromas with notes of coconut and dark chocolate on the palate. Balanced acidity with a sharp finish.


  • Junmai nama (single pasteurization)
  • Seimaibuai: 70%
  • Brewed in Oakland, California
  • 17 fl oz (500ml)
  • 14% ALC/VOL