Sake and Shochu Gumi

We've asked our friends over at Studio Arhoj in Denmark to make our dream guinomi (large earthenware sake cup). 

Gui means "to gulp", while nomi is "to drink."  We love these guinomi for their organic texture and raised foot. A large opening allows you to take in the aroma for the sake. 

We chose to have the guinomi in Studio Arhoj's unique glaze that brings out the brown iron spots of the clay for a rustic look. Perfect for enjoying bold junmai, and earthy yamahais and kimotos.

Anders Arhoj describes the production process of making these guinomi:

The guinomi are thrown on the hump which is a classical throwing technique of Japanese origin. A big piece of clay is centered on the wheel (very hard work and requires lots of muscles) and then each little guinomi is "pulled" up from the big piece and shaped individually atop the spinning clay body. When it's done, it's cut off and placed on a wooden board to dry overnight.

The following day the guinomi is placed upside down, the foot is shaped from the semi soft clay, and finally stamped with the Studio Arhoj x Umami Mart collaboration stamp laying on a soft pillow to avoid misshaping the sake bowl. We are throwing our versions of the guinomi in cream-colored stoneware with small pyrite specks that melt out through the matte white glaze.

The stoneware has a low grog (coarser clay particles) content which makes it smoother in the firing and soft to the touch as it's meant to be hold and handled well when drinking the sake.

Please note that each item is hand-glazed they may differ slightly from the photos, and from cup to cup.


  • Use for: sake, spirits
  • Capacity: 3 oz
  • Dimensions: 3.25"D x 2"H
  • Material: Stoneware
  • Made in Copenhagen, Denmark