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Heiwa Shuzo of Wakayama Prefecture is located on the site of the former Muryozan temple in Kainan City, and has been making sake for four generations. Since current President Norimasa Yamamoto took the helm 12 years ago, he has revived the brewery by creating the Kid line of sakes, and they even grow their own Yamada Nishiki rice! Heiwa means peace in Japanese, so let's all drink up!

This pack includes two sakes by Heiwa Shuzo: the Heiwa Nigori and the Kid Junmai Ginjo Shiboritate (a Sake Gumi January 2021 selection!). Join us on January 27th, 2021 for our event with Heiwa Shuzo, live from Japan. Get this Pack and taste with us! Event details here.

Kid Junmai GInjo Shiboritate

The sake-brewing year typically begins in September, when rice is harvested, and the earliest that sakes start getting pressed is late October and released in the dead of winter. This sake is unaged and as fresh as it gets. Enjoy the just-pressed, fruity aroma of pears and white grape and a soft and smooth texture that has a hint of sweetness. Notice a bright, grassy ending that ends dry and leaves traces of grapefruit in the aroma. Shibata-san of Heiwa Brewery, says his favorite food pairings are Shine Muscat (a grape varietal in Japan), prosciutto, and soymilk hot pot. Enjoy this sake chilled within a week of opening.

Heiwa Nigori

Heiwa Shuzo’s sakes are like a classical music number. The toji (master brewer) is a maestro at balancing the higher treble tones with the lower bass notes. This is a perfect example of an orchestra of tastes - tart yogurt, sweet candy cap mushrooms, earthy peach, and savory malt. Although this lush, rich, and creamy nigori has a sustaining finish, it doesn’t feel like it’s overstaying its welcome as ultimately it ends dry. Enjoy chilled with hot coppa or skewered yakitori vegetables and meat with sansho pepper.

Heiwa Shuzo Pack features:

  • 1 - Heiwa Junmai Ginjo Shiboritate (24oz, Wakayama, 15% ALC/VOL)
  • 1 - Heiwa Nigori Sake (24oz, Wakayama, 15-16% ALC/VOL)
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