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Made from hinoki, or Japanese Cypress, this wooden trivet is finely hand crafted from local wood straight from the workshops of Tosaryu in Kochi, Japan. Made from highly fragrant cypress, this hefty trivet will protect your table and compliment your kettles, hot pans, dishware, and donabe.Β Respect the wood!

Tosaryu Inc. is a sustainable, fully green company using tree-thinning techniques to maintain the health of their local forests. They use every part of the tree to make various products such as furniture, kitchenware, functional objects, oils, scents, and even these hefty trivets.

ο»ΏWipe clean with a firmly wrung cloth, then dry well. Do not leave immersed in water.ο»Ώ


  • Dimensions: 6.3"L x 6.3"L x 1.2"H
  • Material: Japanese Cypress
  • Made in Kochi, Japan