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Dark beer fans will enjoy this slightly bitter, hoppy, and stormy beer. This beer is a hybrid of an imperial stout and Belgian saison. It drinks like a saison with a dark color, spicy beginning of malt flavors, yeasty body and dry finish.

This beer is a collaboration between Dieu du Ciel in Montreal and Shiga Kougen in Nagano Prefecture. 


  • Brewed in Montreal, Canada
  • 11.5 fl oz (341ml)
  • 2-Pack or 6-Pack BTL
  • 9.5% ALC/VOL



Recommended Tempurature

Serve 55˚F Recommended Tempurature for Dieu du Ciel Isseki Nicho (Multi-Pack BTL 11.5 oz)

Pairing Suggestions

  • cheese
  • crab
  • beet
Please note: We are only able to deliver alcoholic products to California.