Keep water extra hot for longer in this traditional tetsubin (cast iron kettle) made in Morioka Prefecture.

This tetsubin has stood the test of time and has remained unchanged for over 100 years. The studded hobnail design reminiscent of the hair of Buddha, classic, arched handle and persimmon-shaped knob on the lid evoke feelings of winter, warmth and longevity. Its handsome design works seamlessly from stovetop to tabletop (just make sure to use a pot holder and trivet!).

This tetsubin can be placed directly on an open flame (including a gas stove) because it isn't lined with enamel.

For generations, Iwachu has been known in Japan for making high quality, hand-crafted cast iron kettles and cups. 


  • Capacity: 3-1/2 cups
  • Dimensions: 6"W x 7"D x 7"H (Including handle)
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Made in Morioka, Japan