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A truly satisfying instant ramen pack. Kitakata style ramen is characterized by flat, chewy, curly noodles and a broth usually flavored with niboshi (sardines) and tonkotsu (pork bones). Plus, these instant noodles are not fried in oil like other instant noodle brands.

Fairly simple as far instant ramen goes, we were stricken by the subtle tonkotsu broth. Not too salty or overwhelming. If you have chashu or soft-boiled egg to add, that's a bonus! 

Anecdote: when Kayoko was little, she went to the famed Kitakata ramen in Yokohama and ordered TWO bowls. It was that good. These instant packs are just as satisfying!


  • Net Wt: 11.6 oz (110 g x 3)
  • Packing: 3 servings of dried noodles and sauce packets in plastic bag
  • Made in Japan