Father's Day June 18

This classic Japanese combination knife sharpening stone featuresΒ two grits of stone, one for reprofiling your knife, and the other for refinishing. The coarser 250 grit side is used for taking our chips and reprofiling your knife. This is the side you want to use first when sharpening your knife. The finer 1000 grit side, will smooth out the knife and "finish" it off with a shine.Β 

This stone is essential for any Japanese knife owner. It works on santoku, banno, nakiri, yanagi, cleavers, and paring knives that are made of the most common types of steels (including stainless and carbon steel).Β 

We provide a step-by-step guide on how to sharpen your knives here:

Japanify: Sharpening Carbon and Stainless Steel Knives