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Umami Mart Co-Founder, Yoko’s pride and joy (her bee hives) produced this golden honey. Depending on the season, her bees feed on rosemary, plum blossoms, ceanothus, ivy, black berry blossom, or eucalyptus - the quintessential East Bay garden diet. Drizzle on cheesecake, stir into Darjeeling tea, or enjoy a spoonful a day to keep the allergies away! 

With two active apiaries, Yoko is offering honey from Oakland and/or El Cerrito, depending on the seasonal harvest! If you live locally, we recommend choosing the honey closer to your residence, which will help keep allergies at bay.

The 2022 harvest revealed two distinct honey profiles. While the Oakland honey has aromas of brown sugar and peach skins, with flavors of orange and tart apricot, the El Cerrito version has earthy aromas of walnut, beeswax, and cream, with flavors of plum and dried fig. 

Yoko recommends putting about 1 teaspoon of honey directly onto your face and hands for 30 minutes to reinvigorate your skin.

Yoko has been an amateur beekeeper since 2014. Read more about the harvest.


  • Capacity: 4 fl oz / 170 g
  • Material: Glass jar with plastic lid
  • Harvested in Oakland + El Cerrito, CA