Sake and Shochu Gumi

Shio konbu is made by slowly boiling kelp with shoyu, mirin, and other seasonings before being dried and cut into little bits. The result is a delectable condiment you can use to umami-boost just about anything. Try tossing in with buttered popcorn, scrambled eggs, with avocado toast, or just to top your plain white rice. Also, this version has reduced its sodium by 40% so it's not so crazy salty like other shio konbus out there.

Scan the QR code on the back to visit Kurakon's digital shio kombu-themed amusement park Shio Konbu LandΒ for recipes and other tidbits, including a full profile onΒ Shio Kon-Bucho 呩こん部長,Β ο»Ώthe pucker-faced salaryman who is the Department Head of Shio Konbu and who dreams of the global proliferation of this salty, savory condiment.

Check out our blog for a super easyΒ otsumami (drinking snack)Β recipe using just sesame oil, cabbage, and shio konbu! The ultimate in lazyass cookin'.


  • Capacity: 1.05 oz (30g)
  • Packing: Re-sealable plastic pouchΒ 
  • Made in Hokkaido, Japan