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Save $6 on this two-pack of shochu. 

The Spooky Imo Pack is here for a couple of reasons.

1. We were so excited to get our hands on these new shochus (one of which is a limited seasonal release!!) and share these with you as soon as possible so you could try the fresh new heat from one of our favorite distilleries. 

2. Duh, it's spooky season officially. We are amassing pumpkins and decorative skeletons in our home every second we are not sipping on these spooky shochus. Plus, Yamaneko has an extra spooky black cat on the label and Kiroku Muroka looks like shochu in a ghost costume!

Throw Ju-On on the TV and get your oyuwari cups ready. May these shochus be the only spirits you have to worry about this Halloween season. 

Yamaneko Sweet Potato Shochu

Made with the choicest Joy White imo (sweet potato), and local Miyazaki Hinohikari rice for the koji, Yamaneko is a gleeful imo shochu full of great texture and gentle lush fruit aromas and flavors. This drinks like a strawberry-banana smoothie, juicy and tropical. The fruity notes are enhanced with ice or soda. Mizuwari (mixed with water) is highly recommended for this shochu! 

Kiroku Muroka Sweet Potato Shochu

Removing the paper and popping the top, we were overwhelmed with the aroma of flesh flowers: think honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender. After pouring the shochu and letting it air out a bit, the sweetest grain aroma emerges, like Whoppers and sweet corn, while the florality takes a break. First sips offer the signature Kiroku creme brulee with an unmistakable fresh quality which is very easy to drink.

One of our favorite shochu makers, Kuroki Honten grows sweet potatoes on their own farm, using sustainable, organic practices. 

Spooky Imo Pack Features:

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