Father's Day June 18

With its reputation and abundance of choice, picking a whisky can be a daunting task to say the least. Peat smoke in whisky is something a lot of newcomers get dropped into the deep end of (no doubt the cause of many of our favorite ‘harsh whisky’ stories from our youth) which is exactly why we’ve curated wonderful whiskies from distilleries we love that contain peat, but not enough blow your socks off. Get an introduction to the meaty, bbq-esque, and maritime flavors that make peat lovers sing the world over with our 'Lil Smokey’ Whisky pack.

Iwai Tradition

Iwai Tradition is slightly smokey with a hint of sherry. This whisky boasts a bouquet of flavor including caramel, beeswax, malt and a pop of ginger in the ending. Enjoy this sipping whisky neat or on the rocks. Iwai Tradition is comprised of 75% peated malt and 25% corn.

Akashi White Oak Single Malt

This single malt sports the entire spectrum that you'd want in a contemplative sipper. Stonefruit, apples, sherry, grain, and spice come together with a whiff of smoke from the lightly peated malt. 

Lil' Smokey Pack Features: