Spring Cleaning Sale

MAC has a reputation for utilitarian, lightweight, and ergonomic knives that are easily sharpened and fit a variety of uses in the kitchen without breaking the bank. It's with this in mind that we are delighted to bring to you the MAC Superior Bread Knife. This knife was among the first to set its teeth backwards, so the cutting happens on the pull as opposed to the push. This allows the blade to do most of the work, allowing for less pushing; the result is less fatigue from cutting, and fewer crumbs from the bread. 

We know that Eric Ripert, Thomas Keller, and sushi chef Kunio use MAC knives, but we didn't know MAC knives could do this! (Don't try this at home.)



  • Dimensions: 15.5"L (10.5"L blade)
  • Material: Molybdenum steel and pakkawood 
  • Made in Japan