Iwai Tradition is slightly smokey with a hint of sherry. This whisky boasts a bouquet of flavor including caramel, beeswax, malt and a pop of ginger in the ending. Enjoy this sipping whisky neat or on the rocks. Iwai Tradition is comprised of 65% peated malt, 10% rye, and 25% corn.

Mars Shinshu Distillery has the highest altitude of all the distilleries in Japan. Situated in Nagano (the Japanese Alps, where the newest season of Terrace House is filmed) at an elevation of over 2600 feet, the temperature drops to 5°F. With fresh, ample snowfall, Mars Shinshu Distillery is situated in an ideal place for whisky production.


  • Distilled in Nagano, Japan by Mars Shinshu Distillery
  • Distilled from 60% malt, 5% rye, and 35% corn
  • ABV 40%
  • Barrels: ex-bourbon, red wine, sherry
  • 25.3 fl oz (750ml)