Sake + Shochu Gumi

The moromi (mash) of this stunning junmai daiginjo is hand-agitated in the traditional kimoto style, creating lactic acid to fortify the fermentation and produce a sturdy and complex brew, with bright acidity and mellow fruit tones. Subtle nuttiness, fresh grassiness, and minerality make this sake as much of an intellectual endeavor as a delicious drinking experience. The Matsu no Tsukasa brand represents Tadayuki Matsuse's obsession with craft, sustainability, and brewing dynamic sake with only nominal intervention. Organic Yamada Nishiki is harvested from a single paddy; other sakes in the Azolla series are made from other rice varieties from other paddies on the same farm. 


  • Brewed in Shiga, Japan by Matsuse Shuzo
  • Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernel remaining): Yamada Nishiki 50%
  • ABV 16%  / SMV: Not +2 / Acidity: 1.4
  • 24 fl oz (720ml)
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