Japanese Barware

This bottle is a Sake Gumi selection! It was featured during Magnificent Miyagi month in 2020.

Kanbai Sake Brewery prides itself on their rice, and goes by the motto, “To know the rice is to know the sake.” They take special care in understanding the rice harvest each year, to make a consistent brew year after year. Balancing the sweetness of spring nectar and a clean finish, this sake uses highly polished, locally grown Miyama Nishiki rice for a ripe rice flavor.

Enjoy the a bouquet of tropical fruit flavors of mango, and pineapple, with a clean, dry finish. Try chilled with Buttered Bamboo Shoots (recipe on the blog at umamimart.com). The brewery was completely rebuilt after sustaining damage from the 2011 Tohoku Disaster. They credit the people of Miyagi who rushed to help with the reconstruction of the brewery after the earthquake.


  • Brewed in Miyagi, Japan by Kanbai Sake Brewery
  • Junmai ginjo
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernal remaining): Miyama Nishiki 55%
  • ABV 15% / SMV: -1 / Acidity: 1.5
  • 24 fl oz (720ml)
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