Sake Gumi

Cut greens and tomatoes like a ninja with this nakiri knife. Nakiri knives are specifically designed to cut greens and other delicate vegetables. Thanks to its thin blade, nakiris will slice right through vegetables and meet your cutting board without horizontal the push and pull that can make veggies raggedy or smushed. The 6.3" blade is comprised of "yasuki" carbon steel* on the outer edges and a soft iron core – which results in a gradation of colors on the blade itself. This forging method produces a blade that is both durable and easy to sharpen. The blade is ground on both sides – making it it a knife suitable for right or left-handed chefs. The sturdy magnolia handle ensures stability when slicing and dicing.

If you love going to the farmers market and stock up on greens or are looking for a gift for your favorite vegetarian friend, this knife may be the answer.

Shimomura Kogyou in Niigata Prefecture has been making knives since 1957. They are known to produce knives that are durable, precise, and economical. 

*Wipe dry after use to avoid stains and spots. We recommend sharpening on a whetstone. Do not cut through hard objects like bones.


  • Dimensions: 10"L (6.3"L blade)
  • Material: Yasuki steel, magnolia wood handle
  • Made in Japan