Sake and Shochu Gumi

A great sake to accompany a light appetizer, this tokubetsu (special) junmai uses local Iwate sake rice Gin Otome milled down to 55% and wafts aromas of juicy white peach, green apple, and cherry blossom. I love the light texture that tastes as vividly of white peach as it smells without being cloying. Kuji-san of Nanbu Bijin Brewery enjoys having this sake chilled with seafood carpaccio or stir-fried tofu.


  • Tokubetsu junmai
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernal remaining): Gin Otome 55%, SMV: +5,  Acidity: 1.6
  • Brewed in Iwate, Japan
  • 10 fl oz (300ml)
  • 15-16% ALC/VOL

Flavor Profile Chart

SMV: 5, Acidity: 1.6 Flavor Profile Chart for Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (BTL 300ml)

Recommended Tempurature

Serve chilled (50–60˚F), or room temp (70˚F) Recommended Tempurature for Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai Sake (BTL 300ml)

Pairing Suggestions

  • turnip
  • sushi
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