Umami Mart Registry

Experience the calming benefits of sleeping on the soft, gauze-like texture of these pillowcases made with layers of organic cotton kaya fabric. The fabric is also infused with binchotan charcoal making them naturally anti-odor and anti-microbial. Comprised of three-layers of kaya, these pillowcases are machine washable. Hang-dry recommended.

We visited Maruyama Fiber Industry who make Nawrap towels in Nara, and learned about the traditional weaving technique native to the region. Dating back hundreds of years, kaya (mosquito net) is a fabric weave that has holes less than 1mm in size and lets wind pass freely in and out without letting in mosquitos. Kaya, as mosquito nets, aren't used as often as they were in Japan, but they still in many other parts of the world. They found that layering kaya makes a great fukin (kitchen cloth) that is now ubiquitous in Japan. Layering the very thin materials makes them super absorbent but quick drying. Nawrap makes all kinds of products for different uses with kaya. In addition to fukin (six layers), they also make pillowcases (four layers), tea towels (two layers), and more. An added bonus to kaya is that it becomes softer after every wash.
  • 20"W x 29"L
  • Made from: 83% Organic Cotton, 17% Rayon 
  • Machine washable, air dry
  • Made in Japan