Umami Mart Registry

From Kagoshima's Kirishima Distillery comes Nouka no Yome, a sister brand to Akarui Nouson. This shochu is distilled using koganesengan yaki-imo, or roasted Satsuma sweet potatoes. Roasted sweet potatoes contain more developed sugars and less moisture from the gate compared to typically steamed sweet potatoes, and allow for a firmer, more uniform mash. The result is a subtler expression of imo profile on the nose and palate.

Drink this with soda when you're nostalgic for Vanilla Coke. Oyuwari (cut with hot water) highlights its creamy texture and warm, inviting affect, revealing notes of freshly baked donuts with an air of vanilla bean panna cotta.

Reach for this shochu when you want a subtly-sweet, unassuming, and comforting drink. It's great as a nightcap after a big dinner or as an accompaniment to richer foods, like buta no kakuni


  • Distilled in Kagoshima, Japan by Kirishimacho Jyoryusho
  • Distilled from Koganesengan yaki imo (roasted sweet potato) and kome koji (rice koji) 
  • ABV 25% / Koji: black (rice) / Distillation: Atmospheric
  • 25.3 fl oz (750ml)
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