Sake Gumi

Oishinbo is a long-running seven-volume cooking manga written by Tetsu Kariya and drawn by Akira Hanasaki. 

To commemorate its 100th anniversary, the heads of newspaper Tozai Shimbun come up with a plan to publish the “Ultimate Menu.” The assignment is given to journalist Yamaoka Shiro, the protagonist of the series. With the help of a female coworker, Kurita Yuko, Yamaoka starts off on what can only be termed an epic saga to find the dishes that will go into the “Ultimate Menu.”

The subject of Volume 3 is ramen and gyoza. In this issue, Yamaoka goes on a quest to find what makes the perfect bowl of ramen and the best dumplings.  


  • Author: Testu Kariya, Illustrated by Akira Hanasaki
  • Softcover
  • Published by Viz Media