Umami Mart Barware

We love namas here at Umami Mart. Nama means "unpasteurized." Whether it's an unpastuerized sake, beer, or soy sauce, it's fresh, fruity and lively. This soy sauce is no exception. 

In addition to having hints of stone fruit, this light-hued soy sauce is rich in umami and has a smooth saltiness. As with any unpasteurized product, make sure to refrigerate after opening.

Located in Saitama Prefecture, Yamaki Jozo ages their moromi (starter mash) for two years in traditional cedar barrels. Their shoyus are part of the Japanese emperor's diet!


  • Capacity: 12 oz
  • Material: Glass bottle and plastic snap lid
  • Ingredients: water, organic soybeans, organic wheat, sea salt, koji
  • Made in Saitama, Japan