Gumi Gift

When we first saw these drippers in use at The Crown coffee lab in Oakland, we were blown away by the form factor and functionality of them. Made with Mino Yaki ceramic, the Origami dripper retains heat beautifully and has a hole at the bottom slightly smaller than Hario's popular V60 dripper. This combined with high walls allows for a pleasant, well-rounded brew with not too fast of a drop-down.

We find that the Origami brews coffee with a great balance of body, sweetness, and acidity. This dripper is meant for one cup (roughly 9 ounces) at a time, enough to share in your favorite little tea cups with a friend. Brewing smaller cups helps reduce waste and allows you to grind your coffee finer and get more control over your brewing. We recommend a dose of about 18.5g of coffee to 300g water (about a 1:16 ratio).

The dripper will fit onto most pourover stands, but you can brew directly into your vessel or server with the Origami Wooden Collar. Our Seamless Plain Mixing Glass works great as a server for this.

For best results, use the Origami Conical Paper Filters Small with this dripper. In a pinch however, you can also use Hario 01 size filters or Kalita 155 filters. 


  • Capacity: Makes one 8-10 oz cup
  • Dimensions: Dripper 3"H x 4.5"W, Box 5.25"D x 3"H x 4.75"W
  • Material: Ceramic with individual cardboard box
  • Heat-resistant to 120 degrees Celcius 
  • Microwave, dishwasher, oven safe
  • Made in Japan