Sake + Shochu Gumi

A popular brand in Kyushu, Ryugu represents one of the many new and exciting Kokuto expressions to be hitting our shores. For starters, look at that bottle format! 900 ml, baby. Larger format bottles were once a luxury afforded only to sake drinkers, but recent lifting of import restrictions for spirits have proven effective; we're finally able to access larger formats and simpler bottlings that you would find in Japan. Woot! 

Tomita Shuzojo uses exclusively black koji rice and traditional kame (clay-pot) for their fermentations, imparting a rich and deep character to the Okinawan kokuto before single-distillation in an atmospheric pot still. This shochu is so engaging and versatile. On the nose we get banana bread, crisp mineral, and powdered sugar. The palate is wild! Up front, get notes of juicy peach, strawberry, and a fatty sesame-like umami. This is followed by the most rich and intense expression of kokuto sugar we've ever tasted in a kokuto shochu (surprising, right?). Raisin-like sweetness and rich minerals. Enhance this sweetness of kokuto and bolster the fruity notes by drinking this oyuwari (6:4 shochu to hot water). Or bring out the smooth custardy quality by enjoying on the rocks.


  • Distilled in Kagoshima, Japan on Amami Island by Tomita Shuzojo
  • Distilled from Okinawan kokuto (black sugar) and kome koji (rice koji)
  • ABV 30% / Koji: black (rice) / Distillation: atmospheric
  • Fermented and matured in kame (clay pot)
  • 30 oz (900 ml)  
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