Umami Mart Registry

We won't lie, this austere labeling of this sake caught our eye first. Just one belt adorns the neck of this bottle, proving that simple makes a statement. Enjoy aromas of rice, caramel, banana pudding, and mushrooms. The flavors are surprisingly refrshing with a kiss of lemon, dry spice, and crisp acidity. Have ice cold with a basket of fries, or warm with a cozy bowl of oden.

Ippyo means one gourd in Japanese and is a play on words for both the traditional vessel in which sake was bottled (dried hollow gourds) and a famous saying by Confucius where "even a humble amount of drink can bring joy to oneself."


  • Brewed in Nagano, Japan by Miyajima Shuzo
  • Style: Tokubetsu Junmai
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernel remaining): Miyama Nishiki 61%
  • SMV: +10, Acidity: 2.1
  • ABV 16%
  • 24fl oz (720ml)
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