This is a great, everyday imo shochu. High quality for the price, and excellent with a variety of foods. We enjoyed this mizuwari (cut with ice water) with a bacon-cheeseburger and french fries. Satsuma Shuzo is a legend in Kagoshima shochu distilling, and Shiranami is a staple brand. Reach for this if you're just getting into the sweet potato category or if you just need a workhorse shochu that's refreshing after a long work-day.  


  • Distilled in Kagoshima Japan by Satsuma Shuzo
  • Distilled from imo (sweet potato) and kome (rice)
  • ABV 24% / Koji: White (rice) / Distillation: Atmospheric
  • 25.3 fl oz (750ml)
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to SD, UT, MS, AL, VT, KY.