Anniversary Sale

Make it the ultimate shochu salon with our handsome Banko Shochu Server with Cedar Wood Stand. We love the contours of this server and that it is small and stylish enough to keep on your bar cart.

For centuries, porous, ceramic pottery has been used to serve and store shochu, as it emits infrared light and mimics the clay pots that shochu is aged in before bottling. This has the effect of maturing the shochu, developing body, sugars, and depth of flavor. Just fill it up with shochu and allow it to rest for about three days before enjoying, and savor the soft and mellow taste of ceramic-aged shochu. You can also use the drawer of the server's cedar box stand to store your favorite shochu drinking vessel for future sessions.  

You can also use this server to make maewari, or a preparation of shochu and water which sits over time, developing and softening the flavor. Just combine 1 part shochu and 1 part water (or whatever ratio tastes best to you) and let the ceramic do its magic.  

This is an original piece from Saji Toki, a now closed manufacturer in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture.  

To care for your shochu server, rinse thoroughly with cold or hot water before use, allowing the server to air-dry completely. No need to rinse in between uses if you are using the same shochu. If switching to a new type, however, rinse the server well with hot or cold water and dry first. If you are going to store it for a long period of time, be sure to rinse well and allow the server to dry completely to prevent bacteria growth in storage. Take extra care when placing the server in your home, as impact of any kind or falling will damage the server. 


  • Capacity: 71 oz
  • Dimensions: Server 8"D x 9"H x 6.75"W; Wood Stand 6"D x 5.25"H x 6"W 
  • Material: Server - Banko Yaki Nami Tsuchi porcelain, Wooden stand - Sugi cedar
  • Made in Mie, Japan