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This bottle is a Sake Gumi selection. It was featured in Female Frontrunners in May 2020!

When asked about inspirational women, Moriki Shuzo's toji (brewmaster) Rumiko Moriki replied, “Lady Nou, wife of Lord Oda Nobunaga, author Ayako Miura, and female tojis Kuniko Mukai, Shigeri Shiraki, and Rie Toyomoto” - for their boldness and bravery. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that this sake is as bold and unique as these individuals. Full-bodied umami hits you first, then ends with crisp apple and acidity. This Extreme Junmai is arabashiri (gravity pressed), kimoto (original yeast starter method), muroka (no charcoal filtration), nama (unpasteurized), and genshu (undiluted). Enjoy at room temperature with mapo tofu or grilled meats and vegetables.


  • Aarabashiri Kimoto Muroka Nama Genshu Junmai
  • Seimaibuai (rice kernel remaining): 90%, SMV +5
  • Brewed in Mie, Japan by Moriki Shuzo
  • 24 fl oz (720ml)
  • 17% ALC/VOL
Please note: We can not deliver alcoholic products to SD, UT, MS, AL, VT, KY.