Japanese Barware

This charming little donabe has a hypnotizing swirl in the center of the bowl and on the lid-handle. It's a perfect personal size, great for nabeyaki-udon or a stew of your choice. Hunker down at home with a personal stove in front of your favorite show or movie for dinner-theatre. It's referred to affectionately at Umami Mart as mame nabe (or "little bean nabe").

This Donabe comes from Ginpo Co., a maker of heat-resistant cookware in Yokkaichi City of Mie prefecture. They pride themselves on fully integrated production, a system in which the whole life-cycle of the product, from raw material selection to kiln-firing, takes place at the company with no outsourcing.


  • Dimensions: 9-3/4"D
  • 6-go (cups of rice)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Made by Ginpo Ceramics in Mie, Japan

Donabe Care

  • Dry the bottom of the pot with a cloth before placing on the stove
  • Don’t soak the entire pot in water to clean
  • Dry completely after cleaning and store in a cool dark place to avoid mold growth
  • Remove stains with kitchen-grade bleach
  • Use a trivet to avoid scratching your table top
  • Oven + microwave safe
  • Can be used on gas stoves
  • Do not use on electric or induction cooktops
  • Do not use for deep frying