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Those of us with a penchant for frying tempura or kara-age are kindred spirits; we have known the most delightful, crispy flavors, and seen the satisfaction in the eyes of our guests. Sadly, we are also all-too-familiar with the dark side of this glitzy life of Japanese fried food: greasy stovetops and hot oil burns!

The Tempura Splash Guard has arrived to provide much-needed protection for your stove and limbs. Made of sturdy aluminum, this tri-fold splash guard stands tall over a deep-fryer or wok so you don't have to dance around the cooking surface, dodging oil. It also limits the extent of oil splatter on the stovetop, which makes cleaning up after frying all the less daunting. 


  • 14.25"H x 33"W; folds down to 11"W
  • Material: Aluminum 
  • Made in Japan