Umami Mart Sake

We've compiled six of our best-selling Japanese beers in one sampler pack. From the light and fruity Hitachino Red Rice to the smoky Dark Chestnut Ale, take a trip around Japan by way of craft beers.

Here's more on all six of the beers included in the sampler set:

Our most popular beer has to be the Wednesday Cat Belgian-style White Ale from the Yoho Brewing Company in Nagano. Whether its the cute cat on the can or the light and refreshing taste, this witbier is a clear winner. Smooth, a little fruity, and to be enjoyed on Hump day, (obviously!).

Smoky pink in color and sake-like in taste, Hitachino's Red Rice Ale is brewed in Ibaraki Prefecture using ancient heritage red rice and Chinook hops it offers light strawberry notes in aroma and has a delicate sake-like flavor.

Using Japan’s most prized variety of rice, Koshihikari, Echigo brewery's Koshihikari Beer is one of our best sellers. To top that, Echigo Beer, located in Niigata Prefecture, is Japan’s first micro-brewery. This light and slightly sweet brew is a must try!

Umami Mart was the first in the Bay Area to carry this unique Wasabi Ale with an equally unique label. It does indeed have a slight spicy kick and a distinct wasabi scent. It also mildly fruity. 

The Dark Chestnut Imperial Stout boasts a sweet, nutty velvety texture thanks to one of its main ingredients: chestnuts. Hailing from Miyazaki in Southern Japan, this solid, high alcohol imperial stout packs a punch.

Beniaka, refers to the roasted Kintoki sweet potatoes used in the brewing process for Coedo's Beniaka Lager, yielding a rich beer with caramel sweetness and earthy bitterness.


  • Six 11.2-11.8 fl oz (330-380ml) bottles/cans
  • 6-Pack BTL
  • Bottles vary from 5%-8% ALC/VOL
  • All beers brewed in Japan
Please note: We are presently only able to deliver alcoholic products to AK, CA, DC, ID, MO, ND, NH, NV, NM, OR, VA, WA, and WY.