Umami Mart Registry

The Daruma (derived from the word Dharma) doll, is a talisman that serves as a good luck symbol. Each of these Shirakawa Daruma are handpainted with eyebrows depicting cranes, the character for "pine" 松 on the left ear, the character for "ume" 梅 on the right year, a moustache resembling a tortoise, and a jaw depicting bamboo. Each element is a symbol of strength from nature.

The Daruma's purpose is to encourage its owner when achieving a goal – whether it's finding a new home, looking towards graduation, or opening a new business. Fill in left eye with a paint brush or marker when you set a goal, and fill in the right eye when you achieve that goal. 

Daruma also make great gifts for friends and family around you who are looking towards a future milestone in their lives. Help them commemorate their achievements with a Daruma.

Each daruma is handcrafted in Fukushima at Shirakawa Daruma, who have been making these talisman for over 300 years. Position daruma throughout your home to help with a healthy and happy feng shui in your living space.

Make it a set with a Black Shirakawa Daruma.


  • Material: Paper Mache
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2"H x 4"D
  • Made in Fukushima, Japan