About Umami Mart
We strive to bring joy through quality products from Japan. We are an independently-owned small business, headquartered in Oakland, CA since 2012. Our shop is a space to discover something new about Japanese cuisine and culture through its kitchen tools, barware, and drinks; while the blog is a space to share recipes and knowledge. We love exploring new ideas through design, conversation, and community. 
About Yoko Kumano 
After spending 5 years as a salary woman in Ginza, Yoko moved back to the Bay Area to open Umami Mart with Kayoko. In addition to being a Kikizakeshi (sake sommelier), she also takes the photography for Umami Mart. Her other passion is beekeeping.
About Kayoko Akabori
Kayoko started the Umami Mart food blog in 2007 at her cubicle desk in midtown Manhattan. After working in the New York art world for six years, she moved back to the Bay Area where she bartended at Camino restaurant to pay the bills while getting Umami Mart off the ground with Yoko. She loves fiction and onsen.

If you have any questions about us and the shop, please drop us a line!

Location and Hours

Umami Mart Oakland
4027 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611
Tel: (510) 250-9559
Shop Hours
Wed, thurs + sun: 12-6pm
Fri + sat: 12-7pm